Why do people bash other MMOs and say they are WoW copies?

Why do WoW, World of Warcraft players? Bash other MMO games and say they are exact copies of WoW? They call them WoW Copies, etc. Like Ever Quest, Dungeons and Dragons, etc. Ever since Aion came out. They got allot of WoW fanboys saying Aion is a copy of WoW. Aion stole WoW’s textures, gameplay, etc. They also did with Lord of the Rings Online. Why are there so many WoW fans bashing newer MMOs these days?

I am a WoW player and I don’t do this but I have heard of some players doing this. I think it comes down to WoW starting a mold and other game devs copying it. You can see this in everything, not just MMOs. Other games that get popular have “copy-cat” games as well. I think only hardcore fans who exclusively play WoW will get this way. I

The people that bash games like this don’t understand how the industry works. A lot of game developers will take ideas from other games and rework them into their own. You can see a lot of games out there that function like WoW just like you can see a lot of games out there that function like CoD. Two different genres of games yet both have games very similar to them.