River Garden Care - Providing Professional Home Care Services in Bromley

Finding a care home that not only offers the best care for your elderly loved ones, but also home care services that are carefully tailored to the specific and unique individuals can be a daunting task.

River Garden Care is one of the care homes in Bromley that is committed to offering professional home care services that are embedded with love, sensitivity and respect. At the same time, it provides care services that are unique to the clients who usually have varied preferences and needs.

River Garden Care’s representative had this to say “Unlike other elderly care homes, our care home has its emphasis on getting to know our clients and their situation first. We get to know the little and big things that make our clients happy. In doing so, we design a care package that is specifically shaped to the client’s preference.” The care services the company offers include but are not limited to experienced home help for the elderly, help with live-in care and give professional support on dementia care.

“The home help for the elderly service is one that again is strictly governed by what the client wants to be done and how they want it done,” added the representative. They offer services such as; cooking the client’s meals, cleaning their living space bathroom or toilet, taking them shopping or shopping for them, doing laundry, ironing and running other daily chores. The carers are professionals who work diligently and respectfully to ensure that the wishes of their clients are fulfilled to at most satisfaction.

The thought of having to leave home to move into a care home is frightening to both the elderly person and their families. The manager added that, “Our care home takes the burden off our client’s shoulder by providing a more comfortable and suitable alternative through our live-in care package. Emphasis being on the unique individual, the care home works closely with the client in order to identify the care worker who is best suited for the client in terms of competence and personality. These guarantees our client comfort and security in their own home.”

The specialized dementia care service designed for older people continues to offer client satisfaction with their experience in handling dementia. The home care has a tailored support package which enables its clients to continue living safely and independently in their home. The care givers carefully trained in understanding dementia ensure that person centered care which focuses on the individual is priority and not hindered by the symptoms of the sickness. “We also offer a full package of daily care or depending on the client’s preference, a regular break for the care giver,” added the manager.

He concluded by emphasizing, “River Garden Care is dedicated to its holistic view on quality and assurance care needs, the undivided attention to our client and our services are flexible and adaptable for every elderly person.”