MMOs - Single Player?

I m excited about getting Star Wars: Battlefront… but I’ve never played an MMO before. I don t have people that I know to log in with, is it possible to log in by myself and play as a “single player.” I know that I can meet people online, but I m just wondering if it can be played “single-player” like that.

I honestly didn’t know people were still playing this game. I am not big on Star Wars but the entire point of an MMO game is the play with other players. If you are looking for an MMO game that is single player, then it is not an MMO game.

Like mentioned above, the entire point of an MMO is to play online with others. If you want to play a game that is open and filled with quests, consider games like Zelda which are offline but still give you an open world to explore.

There are games that play like MMO games but they don’t have to be played with others. Being that MMO stands for massive multiplayer online though would mean by definition, these games are not MMO games.