Is Warframe worth investing time into?

I started playing Warframe last month and for a free game, this has to be like one of the best out there. I have really enjoyed it but I noticed a flaw early on. The missions and tasks are quite repetitive and it is a very heavy grinding game. I never had much issue with grinding games but the repetitiveness is already getting stale on me.

I don’t know if this will change as the story progresses or not. I just want to know if it is worth investing more of my time into before I do and later regret it.

I believe I have invested over 40 hours in playing this game. I loved it but like you mentioned, it is repetitive. The story does advance enough to make it feel fresh again but it is still a lot of the game things over and over again. While I haven’t played in awhile, I don’t regret playing. I just wish I knew up front how the game cycles through only a few handfuls of missions that only change cosmetically.

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Warframe in and of itself is beautiful and brilliantly made. As mentioned, it is a repetitive but the story that you go through is worth it. I am getting back into it recently myself and loving it. They did a few updates this year already, added a new warframe. There is also said to be a HUGE update coming soon.

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I played it on and off for a year or so. The game does look and function great but I got bored. The missions and tasks are way too repetitive for me. I know that is the core of the game and it works for many players out there but it was just too much for me.

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Hmm… So the repetitiveness can be an issue. From what I saw, visually, the game looks really beautiful. I mean the warframes themselves have amazing designs but I think I will hold off on it right now.