Is Minecraft considered an MMO?

I asked this question to a friend the other day and they don’t believe it is but to me, it plays like one in many regards, especially when you are on a public server that is detailed with specific plugins. I know the base game (offline) is far from it but it seems like depending on the server, it can be an MMO. Thoughts?


It would have to be a very specific styled server that is able to host a lot of players. I never considered it an MMO. I still don’t even with what you mentioned as it has to be made into that.

I think this falls into the yes and no category. Like you mentioned, it can be an MMO style game depending on the server you join. If you only play online and play on an MMO based server, then it is just that but if you bounce around, it is more of a general sandbox kind of game.

Tbh it struggles to run with even 10 players online without massive lag. So I guess just due to that no.

If the same game could have hundreds of people in a “shard” (server) then I would say it could be

No, it isn’t. Like mentioned, the game can hardly handle 10 players. You need a beefy server to hold more players and even then, it lags and has issues. Even on the best computer. So yeah, this is not an MMO in my book.