Is it true that some MMOs won't let you level up past a certain point?

Is it true that some MMOs won’t let you level up past a certain point? I am unfamiliar with how MMORPGs work. When I was into gaming and would watch shows like X-Play and Reviews on the Run, I’d see them talking about games like Wow and Everquest but I never understood those games. I do remember reading an article a few years ago about an expansion (for WoW, I think) that let players go up to level 70 or something like that. Anyway, is it true that you can only level up to a certain point and then the expansion will allow you to go higher? If yes, can you name a few games that do this? If no, what the heck was I reading?

You are talking about level caps and yes, a lot of them have level caps. In fact, all of the ones I have played do. This keeps people in check and balances everything out. If you look at games like GTA V for example, there is no level cap and it just gets ridiculous and there is really no point to level higher than 100.

As for WoW, the level cap is 120 with the latest expansion however, this will again be lowed back down to 60. I am not sure how they will do this but I find the move interesting.

Yeah I think every single one that I have played as well had a level cap. I think games like this need it because it allows new players the chance to catch up. If there was no cap and you can just keep getting stronger and stronger, the games would end up being unbalanced and boring.