How are you keeping busy?

A lot of us out there are in lockdown from this virus mess. Hoping this lockdown lifts soon. I hate being out of work and without money. Anyways, outside of games I have been keeping busy by just chatting on forums like this one, organizing my computer, and doing a bit of spring cleaning. I have a fish tank so I took the time to replant that and clean it out real good. How are you keeping busy?

I started exercising and by started exercising, I mean I am making an effort to move enough to sweat once or twice a day. lol

Honestly, most of my time is being spent just playing video games or browsing online. I caught up with a few shows I have been watching like Westworld so there is that as well.

Gaming, eating, watching series, and the usual stuff. I am able to go back to work starting next week and I have got to say, I am relieved. This whole lockdown thing was handled the wrong way. They should have focused on keeping people at high risk home and supported financially and let everyone else work.