Best free to play MMO?

There is a shocking amount of MMO games that are entirely free. I was suprised. I was looking for something new that I didn’t have to invest any money to enjoy. Being out of work until possibly June has allowed me to play more but I have no extra money to actually buy any new games.

Anyways, what free MMO games would you recommend to someone?

For me, personally, I would say Guild Wars 2 just because it is easy to follow and has stunning graphics. I rarely run into issues with it. It kind of plays like WoW classic but it is free to play. Most buyable “upgrades” are cosmetic as well so you can’t pay to win.

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A lot of people will recommend Skyforge or Rift. Having not played either, I don’t know if they are worth it or not. You can download them and give them a try if you’d live. They both get good feedback but I believe Rift uses a backdoor anti-cheat coding which is something I am not a fan of and refuse to have on my PC.

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I read about Rift and was considering that until the security thing popped up and I am the same way. I don’t care how safe anti-cheat software is, if it opens a backdoor on my computer, I will be too worried all the time. I will check out Skyforge and Guild Wars 2 though for sure.