Anyone playing TERA?

A friend of mine mentioned trying this game out. I had no idea they actually ported it to console. That is pretty impressive. What is making me curious about it though is the monsters you have to fight. I looked at a few designs and they are absolutely insane looking.

Take a look at this one:

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I recently started playing it. The game itself is very pretty to look at and the creatures are amazing in detail as well as creativity. I will say though that I have had issues with lag and the game crashing. My PC is more than capable of handling it and I have stellar internet connection so I think this just depends on what server you land on perhaps? I am going to try again when a patch or update rolls out.

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Tera can be fun if you play with others but I find it to be quite thin in terms of story and if you run alone, you will notice it can be incredibly hard even for simple tasks. I think it is worth playing it but it is better to play with friends imo.

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I did read about others saying they had issues even without their PC or internet acting up. So I guess that is a thing. I mean, I still can give it a try and see if it runs for me.

As for playing with friends, I never heard that before. Usually with MMOs you solo it and then make friends essentially in the game itself. I mean, this is what I have always done and it worked out just fine.