Any word on Elder Scrolls 6?

I heard a few rumors earlier this year that the game would be released this year but no real news has come out about it since and the rumors have since died down. I can’t see it coming out this year but I know a number of people are hopeful for it.

Not that I have seen. I think a lot of people are just being hopeful that something new will come out in terms of news on the game. I can’t see it being released this year either, not anymore.

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I mean I can get the hype and wanting it to be released but there has been no word on it being official. I think they were just hoping for this year, the devs that is. Thanks to this virus mess, I think a lot of things will be pushed back or outright delayed until next year.

That is all the information that is out about it as of now so I am thinking this won’t be a release that will happen anytime soon!