Age of Conan: Unchained

Age of Conan: Unchained is a fantasy-themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Funcom and published by Eidos Interactive for Microsoft Windows.

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Where on earth did you come up with those stats? I have been playing Age of Conan from the start 12 years ago. Today there are not the numbers that you list. The game has been in steep decline since 2013. Today July 2020 the game is quite hard to fill out any raids. The Raid Finder (a non true raid format) only fills out with about 2 raids (some not fully full) only on Monday. In the past a few years ago you could get a Raid Finder in a short time. But now there is just not the population there! Even groups are hard to fill and takes quite some time to fill. The new instance just implemented filled out for a short time quite fast, but now your going to wait for 10 to 30 min if that for a sign up to fill. That is the case even if your on a healer class that is always needed. The population really drops off a periods of the day, thus people are just not going to login. I know this for a fact as I used to lead raids and 6 man instances and thus people used to login just to join. The frustrating thing now you can’t fill a raid like before and takes well over an hour if you stay with it. People just don’t stick around for that and thus NO RAIDS like in the past. Its a pity as this game has great mechanics and lots fun. How ever Funcom just cause people to leave as well. Like my self I have been waiting 4 months now for my ticket to be answered for a account payment issue! I have even went through the correct channels as they ask, but after waiting 2 month I submit another 2 tickets to try get this help so I can pay my 12 month sub. Well that sort of lazy action causes the population to diminish as well. For me your stats just don’t make any sense as I do login at different times of the day. the daily player 2,083 just is not true!!! at any day, other wise there would be a lot of activity (even global chat is quiet but for some childish trash talkers) Crom is the only server with any population and the last of the servers merged. There is a pvp server but it has been dead for quite some time, your lucky to see about 15 online at any time. Another stat is the guild renown to watch, it shows at best some up to 10-15 mill. In the past it used to be fully caped out for all the top 20 guilds that made the list. That was 24 ish mill for each of the 3 types for a top total. Now most are about 2 to 5 mill average for the top 20 to may be 10-15 mill for the top guild. I was part of a huge guild and lead lots raids and groups, you can’t even build a guild with the population in the game now! and that is a fact! 2000+ back in 2013 yeah I can see that not now. Poor handling by Funcom plays a part as it did in 2008 when they caused so may bugs. MMO’s are a business and sadly this one is fading partly due to lack of action to tickets relating to payment on their platform. I really love this game like 100’s that I used to play with did also.